Dances by Tina Foster (

Just A Little Mad
Tina Foster (US). April 2014
24 count, 4 wall.
Anthony Hamilton
Whatjado That Fo'
Bracken Ellis (US), Derek Steele (US), John Robinson (US), Pam Lindsey (US), Scott Schrank (US), Susan Puruleski (US), Tina Foster (US). April 2013
48 count, 4 wall.
Whatja Do That Fo'
The Catalinas
King Of The Road
Tina Foster (US). October 2015
32 count, 2 wall.
Absolute Beginner
King Of The Road
Roger Miller
Came Here To Forget
Sandy Goodman (US), Tina Foster (US). May 2016
24 count, 2 wall.
Came Here To Forget
Blake Shelton
EZ So Just Dance, Dance, Dance
Tina Foster (US). October 2016
32 count, 2 wall.
Can't Stop The Feeling
Justin Timberlake

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