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Dances by Chloé Ourties (chloe.ourties@gmail.com)

Stop The Rain
Danielle Provost Modica (France), Steffie Robert (France), Antonella Mazzeo (France), Magali Chabret (France), Melanie Sarocchi (France), Chloé Ourties (France), Mike Liadouze (France), Syndie Berger (France), Lna Petit (France), Justine Siquoir (France), Romain Brasme (France), Laurence Pouzoullic (France), Frédéric Marchand (France), Isabelle Biasini (France), Remi Vingert (France), Stephanie Bijon (France), Gwendoline Hopin (France), Adèla Robak (France), Audrey Flament (France). February 2022
48 count, 2 wall.
Stop The Rain
Ed Sheeran
Marry Me
Chloé Ourties (France), Grégory Danvoie (Belgium). February 2022
32 count, 4 wall.
Marry Me (Kat & Bastian Duet)
Jennifer Lopez & Maluma
Dancing Beat
Jo Kinser (UK), Hayley Wheatley (UK), Jef Camps (Belgium), Chloé Ourties (France). March 2022
112 count, 2 wall.
Dancing Feet
Kygo feat DNCE
Weekend Hype
Jo Kinser (UK), Chloé Ourties (France), Hayley Wheatley (UK). November 2022
32 count, 4 wall.
Mufasa & Hypeman & Dopamine

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