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Dances by Noel Bowes Bonham (ncbowesbonham@aol.com)

Little Green Hat
Noel Bowes Bonham (UK). August 2020
32 count, 4 wall.
The Girl in the Little Green Hat
Will Young
I Saw You
Robert Lindsay (UK), Phoenix Adamson (New Zealand), Geoffrey "Dizzycowpoke" Evans (UK), Noel Bowes Bonham (UK). September 2020
32 count, 4 wall.
Dancin' The Night Away
Done To Me
Noel Bowes Bonham (UK). June 2021
32 count, 4 wall.
Look What You've Done
Tia Kofi & Cahill
My Bucket List
Noel Bowes Bonham (UK). March 2022
94 count, 2 wall.
Bucket List
Mitchell Tenpenny & Danny Gokey
The Two Of Them
34 count, 2 wall.
Between The Two Of Them
Foster & Allen
Gonna Be You
Darren Tubridy (UK), David Sinfield (UK), Noel Bowes Bonham (UK), Geoff Evans (UK). March 2023
32 count, 4 wall.
Gonna Be You
Dolly Parton, Belinda Carlisle, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan & Debbie Harry

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