Dances by Kim McCloughan (

Backroad Country
Kim McCloughan (Australia). May 2020
32 count, 4 wall.
Absolute Beginner
Back To Them Backroads
Colt Ford feat Jimmie Allen
Country In My Veins
Kim McCloughan (Australia), David Hoyn (Australia). May 2020
48 count, 4 wall.
In My Veins
Lauuren Alaina
Nothin' But A Party
Kim McCloughan (Australia). January 2021
32 count, 4 wall.
Nothin' but a party
Benn Gunn
A Little To Country Waltz
Kim McCloughan (Australia). April 2021
48 count, 4 wall.
Country Waltz
Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
Little Old Country Me
Kim McCloughan (Australia). May 2021
32 count, 4 wall.
Country Girl
Ailish McBride

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